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Law vs. Morality

This drive for a legal allowance of gay marriage is troubling for a different reason. We have, and always have had, laws that legalize behaviors that many Christians would find immoral. Alcohol, marijuana, even divorce. This new movement is different because backers of gay marriage seem to be determined that gay marriage not only be legal, but MUST be accepted morally by all Americans. These supporters see this in the same way as outlawing slavery of African-Americans. They point out, correctly, that Christians had to change their views morally, as well as legally, that It is wrong to enslave anyone. Now they wish to force our entire nation to not only accept gay marriage legally, but morally, as proper behavior. Anyone who does not change their morals to accept homosexual behavior should be ostracized. This is extremely troubling. Our children will be taught that not only is gay marriage legal, but it is good and acceptable morally. That it is wrong to suggest that God would consider it sin, and that TRUE Christians should teach Gay people who are married and go to Church are just as good Christians as those in traditional marriage.

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