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Basic Insurance

  I was sitting in court in the Dallas area some time back to address a ticket that I had been overcharged for. While waiting my turn to speak to the judge, I listened as a young man spoke to the judge about his own …Read More

Wife's prayer

 A man lays sleeping. His wife sits beside him stroking his brow. He has lost so many and so much. He is tired, he is sick, and he has two years to live. He sees heaven more clearly now than at any other time in his life, and it appeals to him. She loves him dearly and knows something that he can no longer see. God is not through with him yet. She begins to pray fervently.

She pray.... God hears.... A way is made.... and the Pastor goes to work.

Prayer Requests

please pray

 posted by: Joe on 11/21/2014

I'm hoping you can pass this along to the prayer team. My friend Misha is a born again... read more

Prayer Request

 posted by: Phil Chavez on 11/20/2014

Please Please Please Pray the HOLY SPIRIT leads as many people possible to pray for this Prayer... read more